The goal of our league is to teach kids how to play singles and doubles matches while keeping it fun. For the players with previous tournament experience it is a great way to get more match play, as well as introducing them to doubles. For the many kids in the league who have never played a match before, this is a great opportunity to teach them the basics of match play in a safe environment. The students learn how to keep score, call their own lines, develop some basic strategy, and just learn to have fun while playing a match.

The league consists of 4 teams with 10 kids per team. There were 6 regular season matches and a 1-day playoff match, which ran from Feb 14 through May 15. We had a fun ceremony to award trophies to the first and second place teams. Each player on the top 2 teams won an individual trophy. We also had a sportsmanship award for 1 boy and 1 girl, voted on by the kids in the league.

To our knowledge, this was the first time in Las Vegas that there was a league created and geared towards players 10 and under. We appreciate all the support from all who participated and made this possible. We are looking forward to making some adjustments to the format and running the league again in September.

  • Champion Team Green
  • Santyna Sampson
  • Ava Akripa
  • Angelina Huang
  • Sophia Baldi
  • Brandon Vo
  • Bosco Yang
  • Nikki Yang
  • Laasya Mallipeddi
  • Ava Iltchev
  • Cameron Huang
  • Finalist Team Orange
  • Ashley Behar
  • Kelliya Keodara
  • Kiersten Merlin
  • Julie Merlin
  • Tyler Yang
  • Liana Yang
  • Mira Soli
  • Jaden Yang
  • Gizelle Yang
  • Mary Miranda
  • Third Place Team Blue
  • Campbell Ritchie
  • Toni Lawhorn
  • Katherine Chau
  • Brinley Belding
  • Lauren Michaels
  • Lauren Michaels
  • Grey Durkin
  • Aumni Halper
  • Chloe Mowan
  • Ashley Lawhorn
  • Ashley Mowan
  • Fourth Place Team Pink
  • Breanna Shaw
  • Eva Toplak
  • Gabriella Suszek
  • Alexandra Song
  • Jenna Evans
  • Madison LaTour
  • Iris Sim
  • Sophia Yang
  • Kailee Olliges
  • Jack Olliges
  • Wynn Ha

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